Tsé Fung Restaurant


Gourmet Chinese and Asian cuisine

Steamed specialities, the great classics of chinese cuisine, gourmet delights from Vietnam... The legendary refinement of far Eastern gastronomy is artfully cultivated between lake Léman and Mont Blanc.

In the kitchens, the chef Frank Xu reinterprets the classics while combining them with innovations to be discovered and shared, the very essence of Chinese cuisine. These are part of a range of precisely flavored, delicately spicy gourmet dishes displaying the greatest respect for tradition.

With more than 30 years’ experience behind him, Frank Xu is the third generation of a traditional family of Cantonese chefs. This passionate and determined culinary artist aims to make the Tsé Fung Geneva the ambassador of gourmet Cantonese cuisine.

Frank Xu has already made a name for himself. Having arrived straight from Hong Kong to open a famous Parisian establishment, he successfully raised Cantonese cuisine to the ranks of haute gastronomy status within just a few months. After conquering the French capital, he is keen to introduce his cuisine to the people of Geneva.